A New Ambivalence

Night vision as a superpower?

The Pulsing Wall

by Greg I. Hamilton on July 25, 2014

… apparently when my lungs are full, all that extra oxygen fuels a pulse of improved eyesight. If we calm ourselves, tune into our natural cycles like breathing, perhaps we could hone this principle into a sort of superpower, a sixth sense …


The art of flying: throw yourself at the ground and miss

Being Thrown

by Greg I. Hamilton on December 3, 2012

… I would “attack” him and he would manhandle me to the ground in a pin. Or he would toss me (literally) many feet through the air by manipulating the force of my own attack. …


It's all downhill from here

After the Summit … Heading Back Down

by Greg I. Hamilton on August 26, 2012

In the video, she says: “I believe in meaningful acts every day. And if they lead to success, whatever success is, great.” …