After the Summit … Heading Back Down

If you’ve ever reached some sort of pinnacle of achievement— something you dreamed about and suddenly it becomes real— there is always the aftermath.

My continued agonizing to sort out what’s next after the release of our film (no small time ago) is actually pretty absurd. Though there’s plenty of room in my day for big new projects, I do have enough work to do, there are dreams in the hopper, and I have a business plan of sorts. But I’m guilty of what filmmaking story consultant Fernanda Rossi called “retro-engineering.”

We achieve something and we look back and we decide what of the acts we did were leading to success. But we don’t know, really, what led to success. We do a ton of things, there are a lot of variables in the universe, and then we nitpick, we choose the ones that we think led to success. – Fernanda Rossi

In the following interview, Fernanda, “The Documentary Doctor” who has consulted on at least two Academy Award® Nominee films, discusses success. First of all, she doesn’t believe in it.

Click below to view this 3-minute video:

Fernanda Rossi, Author, on secrets to success. by maxwellflower
In the video, she says: “I believe in meaningful acts every day. And if they lead to success, whatever success is, great.” What’s your definition of success? And what do you do after you’ve achieved it?

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