Greg I. Hamilton

Greg I. Hamilton wields analogies like whimsical balloon weapons. You know, those brightly colored pirate swords at the carnival? Don your medieval balloon-helmet and prepare to be amazed as Greg— armed only with words, metaphors, similes, and the occasional dangling participle— bewilders and entertains you on these very pages.

“It makes my hair stand up when he rubs my head with those balloon things.” — A reader

“Sometimes they squeak and pop, but for the most part he makes really interesting shapes.” — The author’s alter-ego, posing as another reader

An Oregon native, Greg now lives and writes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His film directorial debut, a documentary called The Movement, was selected for Sundance 2012 and other film festivals. His articles and columns have been published in Warren Miller’s SnoWorld magazine, Frontier Airlines’ Wild Blue Yonder, Park City Magazine, and Mental Contagion; his story “The Dance of Making Baby” won the Oregon Arts Foundation’s scholarship in creative writing; and so on and so on.

Greg’s a bit of a world traveler, having circled the globe once and zigzagged quite a lot. He spent ten years with Warren Miller Films after three or four years earning an anthropology degree which followed four years of the usual sort of high school nerdiness, which was shaped by those nebulous childhood years which featured a certain fondness for rodents. Accordingly, rats, bats, balloon helmets, and other squeaky items have a tendency to pop up in Greg’s writing.

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