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Love, Light, and Environmental Film

Dr. Michael Mann at DCEFF25

by Greg I. Hamilton on March 21, 2017

A sense of hope, an environmental film festival, and our nation’s capital: who’d have thunk all three could come together now? Sure enough, my fiancé and I hit town and caught film after film, with their panels of filmmakers and scientists, all providing a surprising mood of optimism. There’s nothing passive or Pollyanna here: an […]


Gazing skyward in Bhutan

Hello Film, What would You Like to Be?

by Greg I. Hamilton on December 10, 2015

“Hello, film of mine. What would you like to be when you grow up?” My film looks at its shoelaces. “I don’t know,” he mumbles. I wait. I’m working on this. “I guess I’m not sure about all this stuff you talk about: me making a difference in the world, saving a river, or whatever.” […]


Never too late

Way to Go, Bonk! Thank you, DB.

by Greg I. Hamilton on January 15, 2014

.. So on his doctor’s advice along with what must have been some clear protests from his body, mind, soul, and loved ones, he quit drinking. Since then, he told me with growing verve, he’d channeled those energies and calories into bicycling. …