Beerfridge Poetry

you sit with friends asking if you still have itAs part of my two-years-long-and-counting spring cleaning exercise, I’m thinning my archives. There’s enough paper to make a papier-mâché blue whale and a shredded sea for it to swim in.

Today, two poems copied down from the fridge at the old condo (in the glory days when my only fridge was also my beer fridge). With luck, my two current batches of homebrew will be ready in just over a month to toast the 10-year anniversary of these bubbly outpourings.

August 15, 2002

I swim atop
a malty sea
me blood like

a flood of heady
bitter lather
hops in me skin
fresh Ale Cascades
over me lips
into me mouth
& I am GOOD

special BREWS
 bottle one dream

put it there
and get gone from here

you sit with friends
if you still
have it

you tell them
I am sipping it!

and drink
of this happy juice
for all of your days

Clearly the Homebrewer’s Association novelty beer-poem magnets came in handy that summer.

Thanks for reading. Cheers,

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