Authentic Experience

Bob Redford speaks

Happy 80th Birthday, Bob Redford!

by Greg I. Hamilton on August 18, 2016

Mr. Redford, you have been an inspiration in my work. I join legions of independent filmmakers who thank you for your example, your guidance, and your encouragement. I wish you a very happy and healthy 80th birthday. I was delighted to meet Robert Redford — who goes by “Bob” — in the recording studio back in […]


Back in my own skin

It Took a Punch in the Arm

by Greg I. Hamilton on January 8, 2015

… there is a battle going on under the skin of that arm. My body’s white blood cells have deployed and are frantically creating antibodies to defend against an unwelcome visitor: the poison tetanospasmin.


Reclaimed wood for new projects

Wear My Condo Like a Scar

by Greg I. Hamilton on September 8, 2012

A scar is a window to the inside
It shows you have guts
This is my salesman’s red car …