Writer/Director of The Movement

Interviewed at Sundance Director’s Brunch, 2012

Welcome to the official Website for Greg I. Hamilton.

Greg’s passionate enthusiasm for big, exciting projects that genuinely move people is matched by the skill and experience he brings to each new effort. He has worked on festival-friendly films that won critics and captured worldwide audiences. He writes books and magazine articles that surprise, challenge, and entertain. He speaks with buoyant, infectious verve that stirs audiences to tap into their own sources of inspiration.

Greg tells authentic stories of people challenging themselves (and others) in order to make the world a better place. He delights in working with other filmmakers, wordsmiths, artists, and visionaries to hone their craft. Greg assembles teams and directs complex projects with a cool head, a creative mind, and a leader’s instinct.

As a cultural anthropologist, he studies people: everything we do and particularly the things we do well. This means finding what works and expanding on that. Greg believes in sharing stories that inspire us all to question assumptions of what’s possible—so we can be our very best at whatever turns us on.

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    Wow, may I get your autograph?

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