• “The Movement at Boulder International Film Festival 2012”

    Boulder Community Media

    Egija Hartmane-Salem reporting
    Run time 9:09 click above (or here) to view

    NARRATED BY ROBERT REDFORD and Boulder’s Warren Miller, this incredible documentary was made by a man who knows how to make films with heart-stopping, high-risk action— Kurt Miller. Having directed 36 ski films while he was the head of Warren Miller Entertainment, Kurt now turns his talents towards adaptive sport skiing, telling the amazing stories of athletes with disabilities who have defined this sport. We meet Jim Martinson, a Paralympic Gold Medalist who invented … read more at YouTube

  • “The Movement Director speaks with Channel 2”

    KTUU Anchorage

    Christine Kim reporting
    Run time 3:03 click image above to view

    THE ANCHORAGE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is wrapping up this weekend, but it brought good news for for one filmmaker. Greg I. Hamilton, the writer and director of “The Movement,” a documentary about a skier paralyzed in an accident, spoke with Channel 2 Saturday afternoon. (KTUU-DT).

  • The Making of Warren Miller’s Wintervention (TV special)

    (23 minutes) Written by Greg I. Hamilton for Warren Miller Films

    wm10f[COLD OPEN “TOO FAR/HIGH/FAST” ends of the earth – timelapse icebergs, skinning up, hiking ridges, helicopter precarious landing, … Crew w/clapboards/cameras, tips of skis, skiers coming at camera, three skiers carving]

    CREW: Take one!

    TOM: Okay, camera’s running.

    SKIER: 3, 2, 1 — Dropping!

    CREW: Nice!

    NARRATOR: The cameras of Warren Miller Entertainment have been constantly searching for bigger adventures —


    TOM: The big thrill of this job is ending up in places that you never imagined …

  • Sugarloaf: Big Mountain, Big Love

    Research and writing by Greg I. Hamilton for Webeye Group and Synergy Group

    FORMER WARREN MILLER PRODUCERS teamed up to create this film for Sugarloaf’s 60th anniversary. Premiered Oct 9, 2010. Click above to view 3-minute trailer.

  • Warren Miller’s Dynasty: 60 Years in the Making (TV special)

    (23 minutes) Written by Greg I. Hamilton for Warren Miller Films

    31st Annual Tellies

    WINNER: Silver Telly Award 2010

    [COLD OPEN: HIGH IMPACT montage of ski footage over the past 60 years. Visual variety of films’ high points.] 

    ATHLETE: I’ll probably be playing out here a little bit … today’s lookin’ like a big day, boys! …

    ATHLETE: Dropping in 3 … 2 … 1 …

    NARRATOR: For 60 years, one movie series has owned winter.

    [B&W stills of young Warren with camera; Sun Valley parking lot trailer; poster for Deep & Light]

    NARRATOR: It all started in 1949 when a ski bum turned filmmaker named Warren Miller released his first flick.