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    Ticket Outreach Program

    docimpact-stackCHASING ICE WON A DOC IMPACT AWARD in 2016 thanks to initiatives like the massive ‘grant ticket’ program Greg headed up in 2012 and 2013. Spanning 1,110 screenings in 78 theaters, the program used movie tickets as the incentive to build audiences. Our small team made contact with organizers of local, regional, and national groups offering access to a limited number of tickets to see the film on its premiere weekend in each theater. Each group organizer vetted the program, confirming that these were not promotional tickets with strings attached, but full-priced tickets purchased by supporters of the film and held in each guest’s name at the box office.

    Over 120 groups offered these tickets to their members and fans, with the message reaching hundreds of thousands of people in total. We asked each of our 41,746 grant ticket recipients to pay it forward by promoting the film in advance to help fill theaters for each city’s opening weekend. The effort paid off hugely with record turnouts, 13,388 emails registered (8,864 opted in for updates), and hold-overs in 77% of all theaters.

    2012 ticket outreach program

    Unsolicited testimonials from the filmmakers’ team:

    “I’ve never witnessed a better ticket management plan in my entire career! Bravo!” – Tierney Kelly, TKPR (PR Agency for Chasing Ice)

    “You should be honored for the wonderful human pace and attitude you set for the Chasing Ice team. … I still marvel at how calm and able you proved …” – Ali Fujino, Outreach Coordinator, Chasing Ice

    … plus more praise for the program from ticket recipients, venues, and the filmmaking team

    2012-13 Chasing Ice Ticket Outreach Markets:

    • Anchorage, AK (Bear Tooth) Held over
    • Berkeley, CA (The California Theatre)
    • Encino, CA (Laemmle’s Town Center 5)
    • Irvine, CA (Edwards University Town Center 6) Held over
    • Los Angeles, CA (Landmark Nuart)
    • Modesto, CA (State Theatre) Held over
    • Nevada City, CA (Nevada Theatre) Held over
    • Oakland, CA (The New Parkway) Held over
    • Pasadena, CA (Laemmle’s Playhouse 7)
    • Sacramento, CA (Crest Theatre) Held over
    • San Diego, CA (Landmark Ken Cinema)
    • San Francisco, CA (Landmark Embarcadero Ctr)
    • San Francisco, CA (Castro Theatre) Held over
    • Santa Cruz, CA (Rio Theatre) Held over
    • Santa Monica, CA (Laemmle’s Monica Film Center) Held over
    • Sonoma, CA (Sebastiani Theatre)
    • West Hollywood, CA (Sundance Sunset Cinema)
    • Boulder, CO (Boulder Theater) Held over
    • Boulder, CO (Cinemark Century Boulder) Held over
    • Denver, CO (Chez Artiste) Held over
    • Montrose, CO (Fox Theater) Held over
    • Hartford, CT (Real Art Ways) Held over
    • Hartford, CT (Cinestudio)
    • Stamford, CT (Avon Theatre Film Center) Held over
    • Washington, DC (E Street Cinema) Held over
    • Boca Raton, FL (Living Room Theatres, FAU) Held over
    • Coral Gables, FL (Cosford Cinema at University of Miami) Held over
    • Daytona, FL (Cinematique)
    • Lake Park (W. Palm Beach), FL (Mos’Art Theatre)
    • Sarasota, FL (Burns Court Cinema) Held over
    • Tampa, FL (Tampa Theatre) Held over
    • Honolulu, HI (Museum of Art, Doris Duke Theatre)
    • Champaign, IL (The Art Theatre) Held over
    • Chicago, IL (Gene Siskel Film Center, Art Institute of Chicago) Held over
    • Chicago, IL (Music Box Theatre) Held over
    • Bloomington, IN (Ryder Film Series) Held over
    • Salina, KS (Salina Art Center)
    • Cambridge, MA (Landmark Kendall Square) Held over
    • Baltimore, MD (Charles Theater) Held over
    • Brunswick, ME (Frontier Cafe & Cinema) Held over
    • Portland, ME (SPACE Gallery) Held over
    • Ann Arbor, MI (Michigan Theater) Held over
    • Okemos (E Lansing), MI (Celebration! Cinema, Studio C!) Held over
    • Kansas City, MO (Tivoli Cinemas) Held over
    • Springfield, MO (Moxie Theater) Held over
    • Minneapolis, MN (Uptown Theatre) Held over
    • Bozeman, MT (Bozeman Film Festival – at the Emerson) Held over
    • Charlotte, NC (Regal Ballantyne Village Stadium 5) Held over
    • Lincoln, NE (Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center)
    • Omaha, NE (Film Streams at Ruth Sokolof Theater) Held over
    • Concord, NH (Red River Theatres) Held over
    • Toms River, NJ (Traco Theater)
    • Santa Fe, NM (Cinematheque at CCA) Held over
    • Ithaca, NY (Cinemapolis) Held over
    • New York City, NY (Cinema Village) Held over
    • New York City, NY (Lincoln Center Film Society) Held over
    • New York City, NY (Symphony Space) Held over
    • Patchogue (Long Island), NY (Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center) Held over
    • Oklahoma City, OK (Museum of Art – Noble Theater)
    • Corvallis, OR (Darkside Cinema) Held over
    • Eugene, OR (Bijou Art Cinemas) Held over
    • Portland, OR (Hollywood Theatre) Held over
    • Salem, OR (Grand Theater)
    • Philadelphia, PA (Ritz at the Bourse)
    • Phoenixville, PA (The Colonial Theatre)
    • Pittsburgh, PA (Regent Square Theater) Held over
    • Knoxville, TN (Regal Downtown West Cinema 8) Held over
    • Nashville, TN (Belcourt Theatre) Held over
    • Austin, TX (Regal Arbor 8 at Great Hills) Held over
    • Park City, UT (Park City Film Series) Held over
    • Charlottesville, VA (Vinegar Hill Theatre) Held over
    • Burien, WA (Tin Theater)
    • Seattle, WA (Egyptian Theatre) Held over
    • Spokane, WA (Magic Lantern Theatre) Held over
    • Yelm, WA (Triad Theater) Held over
    • Milwaukee, WI (Oriental Theatre) Held over

    Greg is continuing this work, evolving each new program to adapt to changing viewer habits, the increasingly fragmented entertainment landscape, and the outreach goals of each new film he partners with. Read more about his ticket outreach programs or contact Greg to put him to work for your film.

  • Wellbeing + Strategy

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      Editor & writer coach for 4 years

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      Official blog of Wisdom Works

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      Worked with 7 different writers

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      A leader-to- leader blog by performance coaches

    A Leader to Leader Conversation

    Editor and writer coach, official blog of Wisdom Works, 2009-2012

    GREG COACHED SEVEN DIFFERENT writers and edited this blog for four years. Formerly known as “Lead, Perform, Sustain,” the blog addresses issues of wellbeing and sustainability for leaders at both the personal and organizational level.

  • When a Movie Really Moves People

    • Greg

      Feature article, Steamboat Magazine

    Published in Steamboat Magazine‘s 50th Anniversary Edition

    Steamboat Magazine 50th AnniversarySteamboat film writer & director inspired by adaptive sports

    CONTRIBUTORS – Greg I. Hamilton’s film writing/directing debut, “The Movement,” was selected for Sundance and 20 other festivals, winning five awards to date. His article, p. 60, shares the inspiration behind the film, a story which spans six decades. Hamilton’s writing has been published in the Huffington Post, Warren Miller’s SnoWorld magazine, Frontier Airlines’ Wild Blue Yonder, and Park City Magazine. He spent 10 years with Warren Miller Films and holds an anthropology degree he says he uses every day – particularly at the bar. He lives and writes in Steamboat Springs and is currently finishing a book about “The Movement.”

    IN JANUARY 2010 right here on my home slopes of Steamboat I saw a blind snowboarder. Facing his instructor, arm-in-arm, the two of them looked like dancers waltzing down the mountain. Moments later later a paraplegic caught air in the half-pipe, much to his instructor’s chagrin. It was like something out of a dream. … Read full article at SteamboatMagazine.com

  • Just the Right Amount of Distraction

    • Greg

      Feature Essay, Winter 2012-13

    How a local author/filmmaker tries to stay on task in Steamboat

    Published in Steamboat Living magazine
    Just the Right Amount of Distraction
    THAT DAMN WINDOW. If I lean back I can see the top of the gondola from my desk. Staring out on a day like this, it’s anyone’s guess what my mind is gathering: Inspiration? Or excuses why this latest project can wait while I pursue a little “outdoor research”? Often it’s both. Sometimes good excuses lead to the best inspiration. … click to read at SteamboatToday.com

  • 3Track: Anthony Robles Learns to Ski

    • 3track-2012-titles

      Produced by Greg I. Hamilton

    • 3track-2012-ski-pov2

      8 minute documentary film

    • 3track-2012-with-bill

      Starring Anthony Robles & Bill Bowness

    • 3track-2012-smile

    Produced by Greg I. Hamilton for MakeAHero.org & Strong Current Productions

    ANTHONY: I WAS BORN MISSING MY LEG. They couldn’t explain it, said it was just a rare thing that happened. I’m not going to let it hold me back in my life.

    “I have no idea how I’m going to learn how to ski.”

    My name is Anthony Robles, I’m from Arizona—Mesa. I went to college at Arizona State, wrestled for U.S.A. Went on as a walk-on, finished out as a full-ride. It was my passion for nine years, it was my life. I was a national champion back in March, March 2011. …

    This 8-minute film is not currently available to view.

  • The Sundance Diaries

    • Greg joined other directors of Sundance short films to blog about the path to the festival

      Greg's blogs for Huff Post

    The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post

    Click here to visit Greg I. Hamilton’s page at HuffPost.com

    The Sundance Diaries: Jumping In

    Huffington Post
    Published January 12, 2012

    IT’S NEW YEAR’S, 2012 and I stand naked at the edge of a hole in a frozen lake. I poke my toe through the skin of ice and metaphor that has frozen over the hole since it was cleared an hour earlier. Though the moment seems ripe for allegory, it’s real water down there, that’s my foot poking in it, and others are waiting for me to jump. … read more at HuffPost

    The Sundance Diaries: Lurching from One Near-disaster to the Next

    Published January 21, 2012

    AT 70 MILES AN HOUR the single-digit air allows me about six squirts before the numbness sets in and I fear I’ll drop the spray bottle. I roll the window back up as the wiper smears the half-cleaned glass dirtier than it was before. Friggin frozen fluid lines. I think about pulling over, but there’s a schedule to keep and dammit, I’m heading to Sundance! … read more at HuffPost

  • The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

    • copyright2012-jeannie-negrelli-102

      With mom on the red carpet

    • breck-award-2012

      Breckenridge Festival of Film

    • Q-73-greg-kurt

      With producer/co-director Kurt Miller

    • In Anchorage, Alaska with the premiere of The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

      Anchorage International Film Fest

    40 minute documentary film, written and co-directed by Greg I. Hamilton

    movt-posterGREG’S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT has received critical acclaim as an official selection of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival along with selections and 5 awards from 20 other film festivals around the world.

    The Movement is the story of Rick Finkelstein returning to the mountain where his life was changed forever. Paralyzed in a ski accident in 2004 Rick wasn’t expected to live. Even with the latest equipment and support from heroes and pioneers of his sport, Rick faced a daunting challenge with no guarantees.

    This 40-minute documentary screened as an official selection at 21 film festivals worldwide, plus:

    • espn-classicCurrently airing on ESPN Classic—30 million homes. Click for air dates (new dates added as scheduled)
    • Aired on network broadcast television to more than 40% of U.S. households, including primetime
    • Received a nationwide broadcast via FSN—60 million homes
    • Played on Frontier Airlines throughout November, 2012—1 million estimated passengers
    • PSA for the film narrated by Chris Pine played during NBC’s primetime Olympic coverage (averaging 30+ million viewers: the most-watched TV event in U.S. history)
    • Released on DVD and in a box set with Robert Redford’s Downhill Racer plus classic ski films from Greg Stump and Matchstick Productions

    Greg is also writing the book. Click below to watch the trailer for the film (4 minutes).