• Wordsmith & Strategist

    • Natural Habitat Adventures

      "I love it. You managed to create a sense of discovery and history in that first paragraph–very alluring. And then you weaved it through the rest. Great stuff." -Caitlin Lepper, Africa Destination Manager, Natural Habitat Adventures

    • Winter Park and the Fraser Valley

      "Very awesome! Great job." -Winter Park & the Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce

    • Natural Resources Consulting Engineers (NRCE)

      "Don't get a big head, but you do swell work." – Justin Boll, Boll Creative (copywriting and strategy client for past nine years)

    • Dale: Narrated by Paul Newman

      "Greg's the most flexible and reliable writer we know." -Kurt Miller, CEO, Synergy Group ... "He couldn't write his way out of a paper bag." -Rogue Edwards, COO, Synergy Group

    • Kenaxis

      "Thanks again - love the way you work your magic with words for Kenaxis." -Stefan Smulovitz, President, Kenaxis

    Building Better Content for Brands & Products

    GREG HAS TWO DECADES experience working at a high level with blue-chip brands, successful entrepreneurs, international nonprofits, new product launches, and company rebranding efforts. He has collaborated with sales professionals to strategize effective tactics for luring prospects and closing the sale. His advertising copy has earned him happy clients from ski resorts and film companies to finance, higher education, and many other industries. He has written numerous creative briefs and training manuals, distilling complex processes and concepts into simple, clear ideas. His handbooks and recaps for event staff and sponsors provide extensive detail and a memorable take-away.

    • corporate branding and identity
    • brand/product launch campaigns
    • website copy and redesigns
    • branded content (writer/producer)
    • creative briefs
    • presentation decks and sales materials
    • email/web campaigns, brochures, print advertising, direct mail
    • television and radio spots
    • visitor guides

    A sampling of Greg’s clients: Adaptec, Amstel Light, AOL Time Warner, Canyons (ski resort), Chevrolet, CMT Films, Copper (ski resort), Drambuie, Eldora Mountain Resort, Evian, Heavenly Ski Resort, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Inglenook, Janus, Jeep, Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder, MakeAHero.org, MBNA, Memorex, Mentadent/Unilever HPC, Motorola, MTV Films, Nascar Images, Natural Habitat Adventures, Nissan, The North Face, NRCE (Natural Resources Consulting Engineers), Ocean Spray, Outdoor Life Network (OLN), PBS, Qwest, Seagate Technology, Sirius Satellite Radio, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Sony DVD, Southwest Airlines, Sugarloaf (ski resort), TDK, Toyota FJ Cruiser, University of Colorado Foundation, Visa, Warren Miller Entertainment, Wealth Conservancy, Wells Fargo, Winter Park & Fraser Valley, Wisdom Works, WPVA (Women’s Pro Volleyball Assn), Yamaha …

    Unsolicited praise from happy clients:

    “Thanks for your creativity! I love your copy.” -Nina Peterson, COO, Wisdom Works

    “Excellent. Greg’s use of stats and comparisons is compelling.” -Andy Bigford, Editor & Publisher, Peaks: The Magazine of Vail Resorts

    “Damn you are good at what you do. Fantastic press release.” -Stefan Smulovitz, President, Kenaxis

    “Very nice work… and good results!” -Joan Boykin, Boykin Consulting & PR

    “Enormously helpful … You sure do have a way with words.” -Myra Salzer, Founder, The Wealth Conservancy

    Winner! Silver Award, Colorado Business Marketing Association, 2008 Gold Key Awards

    “Your writing is elegant: clear, meaningful, personable and engaging.” Regarding a piece ghostwritten for a client.

    “I wanted to make sure you know how pleased I am with your work as well as how thankful I am. It is a pleasure working with you and fantastic to know I can get work that is second to none, painlessly, from a local colleague.” – Pete Coggan, producer/director, 42 Productions

    “Terrific. You are a really gifted writer.” -Renee Moorefield, CEO, Wisdom Works

    Please contact Greg to put him to work for you.

  • Power of the River: Expedition to the Heart of Water in Bhutan

    • potr100a_penjore_karma-son_t
    • potr100b_whalen_team-bridge_t
    • potr418a_mccoy_bryant-casting_t
    • potr506a-whalen_raft-stuck_t
    • potr422a-whalen_dave-bridge
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    • potr428a_mccoy_waterfall_t

    74 minute documentary film, written, directed, and produced by Greg I. Hamilton

    Expedition to the Heart of Water in BhutanROBERT REDFORD CALLS Greg’s feature debut: “A cinematic adventure into the heart of wilderness.” He went on to say: “Power of the River captures the connection between people and the rivers that are our lifeblood.”

    Docuwest_winner_100hThe film had its world premiere May 15, 2016 at the DocuWest International Film Festival where it won Best Colorado Feature.

    THE STORY: In the country with the world’s most ambitious commitment to protect nature, where the king values the happiness of his people above the money they make, a threat is looming. Bhutan’s primary revenue source is hydropower; quotas with India would require damming every last river. A man named “Good Karma” guides an expedition to keep his kingdom’s mightiest river wild and free.

    Click below to watch the trailer for the film (3 minutes).

  • Muscle Shoals

    • Ticket_Outreach-Summary_cover

    Ticket Outreach Program

    The filmmakers of Muscle Shoals approached Greg and his colleague Rogue Edwards to create an audience building program modeled on the success of their work for Chasing Ice. The program they created covered 533 screenings in 32 theaters to support the movie’s release and critically acclaimed run from Oscar® eligibility through its Grammy nomination for best soundtrack.

    MS Billy Reid promo
    Greg and Rogue identified and contacted organizers of 1,033 local and regional groups offering access to a limited number of tickets to see the film on its premiere weekend. Group organizers vetted the program then offered these tickets to their exclusive lists of members and fans. They asked each of 11,477 ticket recipients to pay it forward by promoting the film in advance to help fill theaters for each city’s opening weekend.

    The team received hundreds of glowing reviews from all quarters: musicians, journalists, educators, theater staff, friends, family, filmmakers, and people from all spheres who benefitted from these tickets. The message created an estimated 37 million potential impressions on social media plus multiple touch-points for the tens of thousands who actively attended screenings and interacted with the program.

    Unsolicited Testimonials from the Filmmakers

    You guys brought it every day. You are the real deal with authentic passion which is so rare and key for big time success.” – Freddy Camalier, Director

    “Thanks for the great work guys!!!” – Stephen Badger, Producer

    … Plus more praise for the program from audiences and theaters.

    Program Highlights

    • Muscle Shoals finished its tour at #175 among the top documentaries of all time (topping Morgan Spurlock, Dust to Glory, and 2012 Oscar winner Undefeated)
    • Outreach seeded incremental ticket sales: Ticket program funds represented less than 18% of the total box office gross (for every outreach ticket, more than four tickets sold to additional viewers)
    • Message was received: 7,569 total emails delivered with a 72.1% open rate (4 to 6 times industry average)
    • People engaged: 4,946 email addresses registered for the program with 50% opting in for updates (well above industry averages)
    • Outreach created audience demand: 84% of theaters held over (of those, the average run was 3.38 weeks)

    Samples of Extended Outreach (via web and social media)

    2013 Muscle Shoals Ticket Outreach Markets

    • Ann Arbor, MI (Michigan Theater) Encore shows
    • Asheville, NC (Carolina Asheville 14) Held over
    • Atlanta, GA (Midtown Art Cinema) Held over: 3 weeks total
    • Austin, TX (Violet Crown Cinema) Held over
    • Berkeley, CA (Shattuck Cinemas) Held over: 6 weeks total
    • Birmingham, AL (The Edge 12) Held over: 8 weeks total
    • Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square Cinema) Held over: 3 weeks total
    • Charleston, SC (Terrace Theatre) Held over
    • Corvallis, OR (Darkside Cinema) Held over
    • Dallas, TX (Texas Theatre) Encore show
    • Denver, CO (Chez Artiste) Held over: 5 weeks total
    • Encino, CA (Town Center 5) Held over: 3 weeks total
    • Fort Wayne, IN (Cinema Center) Held over: 3 weeks total
    • Ft. Worth, TX (The Modern)
    • Jacksonville, FL (Sun-Ray Cinema)
    • Kansas City, MO (Tivoli Cinemas) Held over: 2.5 weeks total
    • Minneapolis, MN (Lagoon Cinema) Held over: 4 weeks total
    • Modesto, CA (The State Theatre)
    • Nashville, TN (Belcourt Theatre) Held over: 5 weeks total
    • New York City, NY (IFC Center) Held over: 4 weeks total
    • New York City, NY (Symphony Space) Encore shows
    • Park City, UT (P.C. Film Series/Santy Auditorium)
    • Pasadena, CA (Playhouse 7 Cinemas) Held over: 3 weeks total
    • Portland, OR (Hollywood Theatre) Held over
    • Richmond, VA (Criterion Cinemas at Movieland) Held over
    • San Francisco, CA (Opera Plaza Cinema) Held over: 4 weeks total
    • Santa Fe, NM (The Screen) Held over: 3 weeks total
    • Santa Monica, CA (Laemmle’s Monica Film Center) Held over
    • Seattle, WA (Harvard Exit Theatre & the Varsity) Held over: 5 weeks total
    • Washington, D.C. (West End Cinema) Held over: 4 weeks total
    • West Los Angeles, CA (Nuart)
    • West Newton, MA (W. Newton Cinema) Held over

    Greg is continuing this work, evolving each new program to adapt to changing viewer habits, the increasingly fragmented entertainment landscape, and the outreach goals of each new film he partners with. Please contact Greg to put him to work for your film.

  • Imagine the Rides

    • Greg

      Feature article published June, 2013

    Published in Steamboat Magazine, Summer 2013

    A proposed trail network offers mountain bike thrills from beginner to expert

    Summer 2013“FEAR CREATES ONE POINT OF ATTENTION,” says mountain biker Aryeh Copa. His voice carries a calm rationality when he speaks of the adrenaline junkie’s life-and-death dance: “Fear creates focus. It keeps us alive. If you have no fear, you’re not going to live very long, especially doing extreme sports.” … Read the full article now at SteamboatMagazine.com

  • Beer vs. Bread

    • Beer vs. Bread

      Greg's blog

    • Beer vs. Bread

      Greg's blog

    • Beer vs. Bread

      Greg's blog

    • Beer vs. Bread

      Greg's blog

    Ruminations of a Wordsmith-anthropologist

    Greg’s blog, 2009-present

    TO ME, THE MOST INTRIGUING of all human interest stories is the age-old archaeological dilemma over beer versus bread. It might seem surprising that this branch of anthropology, best known for academics quietly sifting through dirt, gets pretty feisty about this debate. Archaeologists generally agree that humanity shifted from nomadic hunter-gatherers to settled agricultural societies for the benefit of harvesting grains. But the rift centers around the specific use of those grains.

    Whether civilization began for the reliable sustenance of bread or the unpredictable epiphanies of booze, for me the question extends into all walks of life. I see this tug-of-war between the sensible and the sensational in the flickering images of film and art, in other writers’ work, in effective marketing strategy, in music, and in just about anything thoughtful humans wrap their minds around. … Read more at Beer vs. Bread.

  • Beyond Trauma

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      Blog co-editor & writer coach

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      The 'Beyond Trauma' Blog

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      A blog for healing and prevention of trauma

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      Authors are practitioners of Somatic Experiencing

    Dispatches from the Forefront of Modern Trauma Prevention & Healing

    The Somatic Experiencing BlogCo-editor, official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, 2011-2015

    GREG WORKED WITH 14 DIFFERENT contributors to Beyond Trauma (including several first-time bloggers), serving as writing coach and co-editor for each new entry. The blog discusses sources of human trauma and explores innovative techniques for prevention and healing of conditions like PTSD. With topics ranging from children recovering from the Japanese tsunami to war-time horrors in the Democratic Republic of Congo, each author shares stories of human resiliency, healing, and inspiration.

    Click here to visit the Beyond Trauma blog.

  • Straight Talk (Steamboat Resort)

    • Steamboat Resort

      Straight Talk Blog

    • Steamboat Resort

      Straight Talk Blog

    • Steamboat Resort

      Straight Talk Blog

    • Steamboat Resort

      Straight Talk Blog

    • Steamboat Resort

      Straight Talk Blog

    Greg has served as the substitute blogger for Steamboat Resort’s “Straight Talk” blog over a couple seasons. Click dates below for archives of his entries:

    • “Powder’s Thataway” 3/24/13
    • “Where’s the cake? A frosting-on-frosting day.” 3/5/13
    • “Great day for a tumble in the powder” 2/18/13
    • “Ode to Mother Nature” 1/30/13
    • “Slow Down and Take It All In” 1/26/13
    • “Warm enough to smile” 1/17/13
    • “Foggy skies and a fresh dusting” 12/6/12
    • “Powder Day in the Boat!” 3/26/11
    • “The White Fuzzy Snow Keeps Piling Up” 3/31/11
    • “What’s in a Name?” 3/3/11
    • “Windy: Head for the Trees” 2/19/11
    • “Sunshine and Fresh Snow. Any Other Requests?” 2/18/11
    • “Break your Hibernation” 2/3/11
    • “Heart-Pounding Meditation” 1/27/11
    • “4 Percent Odds – I’ll Take that Bet” 1/20/11