Ticket Outreach FAQs

Complimentary Ticket Program – Frequently Asked Questions

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[Sample – updated for each new program]

  1. What is this ticket program? Thanks to generous support from each film’s friends, a limited number of complimentary tickets are available for selected guests in certain cities. These tickets are offered on an invitational basis. Eligible invitees submit their request online and all approved requests receive a confirmation email. That email is not a ticket, but contains instructions for claiming tickets and attending a show (redemption varies for each theater).
  2. Are these real tickets? Yes! These are not “promotional” tickets; they are full-price, non-refundable, real movie tickets purchased on your behalf. Once confirmed, tickets are purchased for you and will be available under the guest name you specify. They aren’t transferable to other names, dates, or times—and they can’t be cancelled once guest lists are finalized—so please make your request carefully.
  3. What exactly must I do to get tickets?
    a. Receive an invitation which should include a ‘Group Code.’
    b. Visit the program’s webpage: [unique URL added for each program]
    c. Click ‘Get Tickets’ and click your city (only certain locations are participating, while supplies last).
    d. Complete the online request form (name, valid email, show date/time, etc.) … make sure to click the form’s ‘Submit’ button!
    e. Receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions (generally within 48 hours).
    f. Go to theater at the date and time confirmed; check in with ID matching the guest name you specified.
  4. Why aren’t all theaters and showtimes listed? Each program is limited to selected dates in certain theaters. If your desired show isn’t listed, tickets are always reasonably priced: go see these great films in theaters while you can!
  5. What if the program is listed as “closed” for my city? Our funding to purchase these tickets is limited. Also, while we make every effort to accommodate requests, all events are subject to sell out or other restrictions. If the program is listed as “closed” for your preferred theater, this does not mean shows are sold out. Tickets may still be available to purchase: click your film and city under ‘Get Tickets’ for more details.
  6. How can I return the favor of these free tickets? Thanks for asking! All we ask is that you tell others about this program and about the film. It’s typically only scheduled to screen for a single night. With your help spreading the word, we can extend so more people see it in theaters. Don’t wait: Why not tell all your friends that you’re going and ask them to join you by buying tickets?
  7. Who’s funding this? Supporters who believe in the film. We hope this program will bring more attention to the film so that it can educate, inspire, and entertain people everywhere.
  8. When may I claim my tickets? Your tickets will not be available until the day of the show. Ticketing varies from theater to theater: after placing your request, wait for the email that will provide specific instructions.
  9. Can I buy additional tickets? You bet! For theaters offering advance ticket sales, check their website or box office for details. Some theaters may only offer ticket sales on the day of the show. Additional tickets must be purchased through the theater’s standard ticketing facilities, not through this program.
  10. Why must I provide my email address? All communication regarding how to claim your tickets is delivered by email. Please add tickets@allgetout.org to your address book and check your filters to make sure our emails are getting through.
  11. Can I opt out of other email lists? When you first provide your email on the online request form, unchecking the boxes just above “Submit” allows you to opt out of any future updates or offers.
  12. How do I contact you? Please visit the Contact Us page.

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