Praise for past ticket outreach programs

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Unsolicited testimonials from filmmaking teams:

  • “I’ve never witnessed a better ticket management plan in my entire career! Bravo!” -Tierney Kelly, TKPR (PR agency for Chasing Ice)
  • You guys brought it every day. You are the real deal with authentic passion which is so rare and key for big time success.” -Freddy Camalier, Director, Muscle Shoals
  • “You should be honored for the wonderful human pace and attitude you set for the Chasing Ice team. … I still marvel at how calm and able you proved.” -Ali Fujino, Outreach Coordinator, Chasing Ice
  • “Has anyone told you how helpful and disgustingly efficient you are at your job lately? I’m very serious. I owe you quite a few drinks by now, but thanks for doing what you do, and doing it so well.” -Behzod Sirjani, Social Media Director and Content Strategist, Chasing Ice
  • muscle_shoals-poster-150h“Thanks for the great work guys!!!” -Stephen Badger, Producer, Muscle Shoals
  • “OMG, I’m so glad I’m not handling this. Chicago was so smooth and easy!!! You’re amazing, we all owe you lots and lots of beer.” -Jane Saltzman, Executive Director, Earth Vision Trust
  • “Thanks for all the great work you’re doing, I hear you’re doing amazing work filing the theaters!” -Suzanne Balog, Regional PR and Operations Support, Chasing Ice
  • “Thank YOU!!! I have heard from the theater coordinators that you have been so helpful, and have made their jobs easier.” -Beanie Brady, Volunteer Director, Chasing Ice
  • Sundance cinematography award winner“This is INCREDIBLE. I like your template and shall steal it shamelessly for all future emails. How did you get so good at what you do?” -Larissa Rhodes, Production Coordinator, Chasing Ice
  • “You are amazing… has anyone told you yet that YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!! Well, you are … Who found you first? I need to give them two thumbs up!” -Jerry Aronson, Producer, Chasing Ice
  • “You rock Greg. I don’t usually say that because I’m too old, but you really do!” –Paula DuPre’ Pesmen, Producer, Chasing Ice

Unsolicited testimonials from ticket recipients

postcard_5x7_CTA_backCHASING ICE

  • “Visually stunning, such a vitally important message for the world to hear. As a documentary filmmaker on a shoestring myself, I greatly appreciate the generosity of the Kendeda Fund that makes it possible for me and others to see Chasing Ice.” -Joan in San Francisco
  • “My kids, 9 & 11, complained about having to go but afterwards thanked me for taking them.” -Dwayne in Seattle
  • “Wow what an incredible documentary! I will share with my class, friends, & family.” -Barb in Portland
  • “Thank you for your generous offer: there will be a good turnout. We welcome give-backs to the community; it makes me happy to see someone reach out like this. Seriously cool.” -Roman in Austin (rock climbing group organizer)
  • “A powerful & beautiful film! My students loved it: visual evidence for so much that we have read, but far more striking. Thank you, filmmakers and funders who made the screening possible.” -Bayard in Manhattan (Beacon School)
  • “We are committed to doing everything possible to raise awareness … Yes, we would take you up on a few complimentary tickets for key students working to generate interest and support.” -Allison in Washington, D.C. (with the EPA)

MS Random Events samples_shadow_200wMUSCLE SHOALS

  • The feedback was outstanding! Good luck with the movie.” -Will in NYC (promoted to multiple groups he organizes)
  • “Glad this worked out for us to try something new with the free ticket arrangement. This is a movie worth having a copy of your own.” -Maria in Asheville
  • “Just returned from the show. Excellent! I have said so to everyone who follows me on Facebook.” -Tommy in Atlanta
  • I’m going to keep my end of the bargain & spread the word about this excellent music documentary. Thanks again, I wish you all the best with this film.” -Julie in Portland
  • “Thanks. I thought the film was extremely well-made, and the music was great. I’m telling everyone to see it.” -Alan in KC
  • “Everyone wrote me early this morning, how much they LOVED the movie … I run 3 social network groups that have seen this great inspirational movie.” -Lisa in NY
  • “I didn’t want to risk the chance of missing out on seeing the film … I made the trip to the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles and I’m SOOOOO glad I did. The movie was FANTASTIC!!! I simply cannot say enough good things about it. I have definitely helped spread the word and have highly recommended the movie. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be only the beginning of much more to come, as a result of this amazing film.” -Elaine in Orange County
  • “Attended the Friday IFC show and just wanted to let you know that we all thought the film was FANTASTIC!!! As you probably know, the audience cheered at the end. I’m definitely going to pass the good word on this one…. Thx again for the opportunity to see it at the opening.” – Cheryl in NYC
  • “Thanks so much. I have them all posted as events on my group with a request for members to step up and act as host. Can’t wait … I love the Sun-Ray and the movie looks great!” -Ellen in Jacksonville
  • “I went to the 7:30 viewing and ended up sharing my extra reserved tickets with a cute young couple. I believe it made their date that much sweeter! As for the film, I found the story fascinating. Thank you for the opportunity.” -LeAnn in New York (posted to group message board)
  • “Great movie—already told my friends and family across the nation! Thanks for the tickets. Popcorn was good, too, at the Hollywood Theater.” -Jill in Portland
  • “The thing about this great film is that you don’t have to know a thing about music to love what Camalier has put together here. It is magic and righteous, and rarely have I been so moved and left the theater so high as with Muscle Shoals. You just have to see this, especially on the big screen.” -Ian in San Fran (published to blog)
  • “Thanks again for the tickets!!! People have been posting incredibly positive things about Muscle Shoals on Facebook!” -Emily in NY (group organizer)
  • “Great, we’re all set for Saturday. It worked out. Really, really appreciative of this. We missed this at Sundance and really wanted to bring our music loving grandkids.” -Tom in Park City
  • “I loved the movie and have talked about it to a few people. I saw it Sunday night in DC. Thank you so much for your generous offer of a free ticket. I met 2 other music lovers in the theatre who were sitting behind me, and the 3 of us went out after the show and talked about the movie. It was a great evening. I’m gratified that the profits from the film are going to charities.” -Deborah in DC

Unsolicited testimonials from venues (exhibitors of past ticket outreach programs)

CI-96percent-freshCHASING ICE

  • Today’s matinee was our ALL TIME top grossing screening!” -Brian Hearn, Film Curator, Oklahoma City Museum of Art
  • “I’ve never seen a film where 99% of the audience stayed till the last credit. What a great way for more people to see the film to get a visceral idea of what’s happening to the planet.” -Ed Budz, Director, SymphonySpace New York
  • Chasing Ice is really hitting a note in our community. I’m so glad we decided to do an encore performance—the first in our 14 year history.” -Katy Wang, Exec. Director, Park City Film Series
  • “Several Japanese couples (that left Fukushima, Japan since their house was washed away) saw the show thanks to you, and many students without work due to layoffs so appreciated the tickets.” -Jayne Cameron, Triad Theatre, Yelm, WA

ms-96percent_freshMUSCLE SHOALS

  • “It has been a very positive promotion and you have indeed provided a solid marketing foundation for your film.” -Jamie Rich, Tivoli Theatre, KC
  • “We will keep plugging the tickets in all our social media outlets. People are super psyched about seeing this film!” -Katy Wang, Exec. Director, Park City Film Series
  • “The movie has been very well received. I expect word of mouth to carry it for a long time.” -Kim, manager at Shattuck Cinema, Berkeley (held film for a 6-week run)
  • “We’ll definitely be holding the film next weekend. People were really happy and excited last night. Thanks for all your work on this!” -Dan Halsted, Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR

If you have an excellent independent film and would like to grow and engage your audience in any of these ways, contact Greg today.

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