Living Richly

  • Published in 2010 Living Richly was called a must-read by Peter Buffett

    Co-authored book

Seizing the Potential of Inherited Wealth

By Myra Salzer with Greg I. Hamilton (Legacy Publications) On Sale Now

Praise for Living Richly:

“THOUGH MY DAD IS ONE OF THE RICHEST men on the planet, the gifts he gave me haven’t been monetary, but rather of ethics and values. The inheritors in Living Richly have a more complicated path—Salzer understands that. A must read for inheritors whose challenges are beyond mine.” – PETER BUFFETT, musician, philanthropist, author: Your Life is What You Make It

“A very thoughtful journey through the thickets of our clients’ worlds. Readers will experience an easy, poetic resonance with Salzer’s informal style and rich messages.” – JAMES E. HUGHES, JR., author of Family Wealth

Seizing the Potential of Inherited WealthBravo! For anyone lost in the confusion, fear, guilt or euphoria of a large inheritance, Living Richly provides a way forward—a way to reclaim or even reinvent your life.” – LARRY DRESSLER, author of Standing in the Fire

Forthright, funny and engaging: it’s a very easy read, and I discovered myself nodding in agreement with the stories. It is an excellent reminder of the human potential that gets covered up in the wealth process.” – ROBIN BORGLUM KENNEDY, author (granddaughter of Mt. Rushmore sculptor)

“Myra Salzer has a vision of the awesome potential of each human soul. Living Richly is a must-read not just for inheritors but for those serving professionals who are looking for resources and processes to assist their clients.” – JOHN A WARNICK, founder of Family Wealth Transitions and Solutions

“The more experience you have, the more you are able to distill the complex to concepts that are simple, accessible and profound. That is the triumph of Living Richly: Myra Salzer crystallizes years of experiences into a small gem for the reader. The book makes its case that living richly is a journey based more on values and goals than on money itself. It does so in an easy to read, conversational tone.” – TED SCHWARTZ, Capstone Investment Financial Group

“Inheritors are simultaneously envied, scorned, and courted not for who they truly are but for their special status and wealth. Myra Salzer has a gift for speaking to them in that rare and precious voice— conversationally, at a human level, with humor and wisdom.” – JIM GRUBMAN, Ph.D., FamilyWealth Consulting

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