Editor & Coach to Authors

GREG HAS COACHED and edited 32 different writers on their books, blog entries, and magazine articles. Click below for samples and links:

Unsolicited praise for Greg’s work as a writing coach:

“You were an amazing partner/editor.” –Annaliese Train, blog author

Beautifully done.” –Serge Prengel, blog author

Your stuff looks awesome! I’m incredibly thrilled!” –Laura Pich√©, blog editor

A vast improvement! Thank you Greg!” –Myra Salzer, book author

Nice editing. You are talented.” –Abi Blakeslee, blog author

“I love it! It still sounds like me but with a more experienced ‘blog voice.’” –Nikki Carpenter, blog author

“Terrific. You are a really gifted writer.” –Renee Moorefield, blog author