Short Term/Vacation Rentals

Short term rentals (fewer than 30 days, per the City of Steamboat) are allowed through our HOA and through city zoning. This means you're welcome to rent this condo via Airbnb, VRBO, through a local management company, or through your own self-management and advertising. Between 2008 and 2011 I self-managed vacation rentals at the Digs with advertising on VRBO and through my own network of friends and family. I received up to $439 per night plus taxes and cleaning. On average I booked 103 nights per year at $148 per night base rental fee. KEY FINANCIALS:

  • • $359 per month HOAs include snow removal, all building/grounds maintenance, and hazard insurance
  • • $795 annual property taxes paid in 2018
  • • $1,135 annual utilities (3-year average)
  • • Click red button below for detailed rental history P&L

Short Term/Vacation Rentals
Profit and Loss Long-Term Rentals also allowed

HOA: low fees, exceptional maintenance

Our HOA is in a great place financially and our building is very well maintained. Click red button below to learn more:

  • • New roof in 2018
  • • All-new plumbing in 2015
  • • Strong reserve fund for ongoing maintenance and repairs
  • Among the lowest HOA fees in all of Steamboat (just $359/month)
  • • No plans for special assessments or raised fees

HOA: low fees, exceptional maintenance

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