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    • Natural Habitat Adventures

      "I love it. You managed to create a sense of discovery and history in that first paragraph–very alluring. And then you weaved it through the rest. Great stuff." -Caitlin Lepper, Africa Destination Manager, Natural Habitat Adventures

    • Winter Park and the Fraser Valley

      "Very awesome! Great job." -Winter Park & the Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce

    • Natural Resources Consulting Engineers (NRCE)

      "Don't get a big head, but you do swell work." – Justin Boll, Boll Creative (copywriting and strategy client for past nine years)

    • Dale: Narrated by Paul Newman

      "Greg's the most flexible and reliable writer we know." -Kurt Miller, CEO, Synergy Group ... "He couldn't write his way out of a paper bag." -Rogue Edwards, COO, Synergy Group

    • Kenaxis

      "Thanks again - love the way you work your magic with words for Kenaxis." -Stefan Smulovitz, President, Kenaxis

    Building Better Content for Brands & Products

    GREG HAS TWO DECADES experience working at a high level with blue-chip brands, successful entrepreneurs, international nonprofits, new product launches, and company rebranding efforts. He has collaborated with sales professionals to strategize effective tactics for luring prospects and closing the sale. His advertising copy has earned him happy clients from ski resorts and film companies to finance, higher education, and many other industries. He has written numerous creative briefs and training manuals, distilling complex processes and concepts into simple, clear ideas. His handbooks and recaps for event staff and sponsors provide extensive detail and a memorable take-away.

    • corporate branding and identity
    • brand/product launch campaigns
    • website copy and redesigns
    • branded content (writer/producer)
    • creative briefs
    • presentation decks and sales materials
    • email/web campaigns, brochures, print advertising, direct mail
    • television and radio spots
    • visitor guides

    A sampling of Greg’s clients: Adaptec, Amstel Light, AOL Time Warner, Canyons (ski resort), Chevrolet, CMT Films, Copper (ski resort), Drambuie, Eldora Mountain Resort, Evian, Heavenly Ski Resort, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Inglenook, Janus, Jeep, Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder,, MBNA, Memorex, Mentadent/Unilever HPC, Motorola, MTV Films, Nascar Images, Natural Habitat Adventures, Nissan, The North Face, NRCE (Natural Resources Consulting Engineers), Ocean Spray, Outdoor Life Network (OLN), PBS, Qwest, Seagate Technology, Sirius Satellite Radio, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Sony DVD, Southwest Airlines, Sugarloaf (ski resort), TDK, Toyota FJ Cruiser, University of Colorado Foundation, Visa, Warren Miller Entertainment, Wealth Conservancy, Wells Fargo, Winter Park & Fraser Valley, Wisdom Works, WPVA (Women’s Pro Volleyball Assn), Yamaha …

    Unsolicited praise from happy clients:

    “Thanks for your creativity! I love your copy.” -Nina Peterson, COO, Wisdom Works

    “Excellent. Greg’s use of stats and comparisons is compelling.” -Andy Bigford, Editor & Publisher, Peaks: The Magazine of Vail Resorts

    “Damn you are good at what you do. Fantastic press release.” -Stefan Smulovitz, President, Kenaxis

    “Very nice work… and good results!” -Joan Boykin, Boykin Consulting & PR

    “Enormously helpful … You sure do have a way with words.” -Myra Salzer, Founder, The Wealth Conservancy

    Winner! Silver Award, Colorado Business Marketing Association, 2008 Gold Key Awards

    “Your writing is elegant: clear, meaningful, personable and engaging.” Regarding a piece ghostwritten for a client.

    “I wanted to make sure you know how pleased I am with your work as well as how thankful I am. It is a pleasure working with you and fantastic to know I can get work that is second to none, painlessly, from a local colleague.” – Pete Coggan, producer/director, 42 Productions

    “Terrific. You are a really gifted writer.” -Renee Moorefield, CEO, Wisdom Works

    Please contact Greg to put him to work for you.

  • Beyond Trauma

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      Blog co-editor & writer coach

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      The 'Beyond Trauma' Blog

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      A blog for healing and prevention of trauma

    • Greg co-edits the official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

      Authors are practitioners of Somatic Experiencing

    Dispatches from the Forefront of Modern Trauma Prevention & Healing

    The Somatic Experiencing BlogCo-editor, official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, 2011-2015

    GREG WORKED WITH 14 DIFFERENT contributors to Beyond Trauma (including several first-time bloggers), serving as writing coach and co-editor for each new entry. The blog discusses sources of human trauma and explores innovative techniques for prevention and healing of conditions like PTSD. With topics ranging from children recovering from the Japanese tsunami to war-time horrors in the Democratic Republic of Congo, each author shares stories of human resiliency, healing, and inspiration.

    Click here to visit the Beyond Trauma blog.

  • Wellbeing + Strategy

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      Editor & writer coach for 4 years

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      Official blog of Wisdom Works

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      Worked with 7 different writers

    • Greg edited this leader-to-leader blog for 4 years

      A leader-to- leader blog by performance coaches

    A Leader to Leader Conversation

    Editor and writer coach, official blog of Wisdom Works, 2009-2012

    GREG COACHED SEVEN DIFFERENT writers and edited this blog for four years. Formerly known as “Lead, Perform, Sustain,” the blog addresses issues of wellbeing and sustainability for leaders at both the personal and organizational level.

  • Collect Them All

    Greg has been happily freelancing since 2005. Here is the 2005 Collection of G.I. Hamilton Action Figures.