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  • Wordsmith & Strategist

    Building Better Content for Brands & Products GREG HAS TWO DECADES experience working at a high level with blue-chip brands, successful entrepreneurs, international nonprofits, new product launches, and company rebranding efforts. He has collaborated with sales professionals to strategize effective tactics for luring prospects and closing the sale. His advertising copy has earned him happy […]

  • Beyond Trauma

    Dispatches from the Forefront of Modern Trauma Prevention & Healing Co-editor, official blog of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, 2011-2015 GREG WORKED WITH 14 DIFFERENT contributors to Beyond Trauma (including several first-time bloggers), serving as writing coach and co-editor for each new entry. The blog discusses sources of human trauma and explores innovative techniques for prevention and healing of […]

  • Wellbeing + Strategy

    A Leader to Leader Conversation Editor and writer coach, official blog of Wisdom Works, 2009-2012 GREG COACHED SEVEN DIFFERENT writers and edited this blog for four years. Formerly known as “Lead, Perform, Sustain,” the blog addresses issues of wellbeing and sustainability for leaders at both the personal and organizational level.

  • Collect Them All

    Greg has been happily freelancing since 2005. Here is the 2005 Collection of G.I. Hamilton Action Figures.