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  • “Sundance short The Movement holds local ties”

    KPCW Radio Park City Interview

    On-air with Chris Waddell and Kurt Miller during Sundance

    KPCW Radio Park City

    Rick Brough reporting
    Run time 2:30 (edited from full live interview) click here to listen on the KPCW radio site

    One of the documentary shorts playing at Sundance has local connections. Called “The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising,” the film is about athletes who overcome physical obstacles and continue to be ski athletes.

    “The Movement” plays before the feature-length documentary “The D Word: Understanding Dyselxia.”

  • The Sundance Diaries

    • Greg joined other directors of Sundance short films to blog about the path to the festival

      Greg's blogs for Huff Post

    The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post

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    The Sundance Diaries: Jumping In

    Huffington Post
    Published January 12, 2012

    IT’S NEW YEAR’S, 2012 and I stand naked at the edge of a hole in a frozen lake. I poke my toe through the skin of ice and metaphor that has frozen over the hole since it was cleared an hour earlier. Though the moment seems ripe for allegory, it’s real water down there, that’s my foot poking in it, and others are waiting for me to jump. … read more at HuffPost

    The Sundance Diaries: Lurching from One Near-disaster to the Next

    Published January 21, 2012

    AT 70 MILES AN HOUR the single-digit air allows me about six squirts before the numbness sets in and I fear I’ll drop the spray bottle. I roll the window back up as the wiper smears the half-cleaned glass dirtier than it was before. Friggin frozen fluid lines. I think about pulling over, but there’s a schedule to keep and dammit, I’m heading to Sundance! … read more at HuffPost

  • “Greg Hamilton & Matt Feeney talk up movie premiere”

    TV appearance with one of the stars of The Movement

    With Matt Feeney on TV 18, Steamboat

    TV18 Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    Harper Louden Reporting
    Run time 5:31 click above (or here) to view video

    GREG HAMILTON AND MATT FEENEY talk up the movie premiere of The Movement tonight in Steamboat Springs benefiting STARS on the Steamboat Today morning show with Harper Louden.