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  • Warren Miller’s Dynasty: 60 Years in the Making (TV special)

    (23 minutes) Written by Greg I. Hamilton for Warren Miller Films

    31st Annual Tellies

    WINNER: Silver Telly Award 2010

    [COLD OPEN: HIGH IMPACT montage of ski footage over the past 60 years. Visual variety of films’ high points.] 

    ATHLETE: I’ll probably be playing out here a little bit … today’s lookin’ like a big day, boys! …

    ATHLETE: Dropping in 3 … 2 … 1 …

    NARRATOR: For 60 years, one movie series has owned winter.

    [B&W stills of young Warren with camera; Sun Valley parking lot trailer; poster for Deep & Light]

    NARRATOR: It all started in 1949 when a ski bum turned filmmaker named Warren Miller released his first flick.