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  • An Ethnography of Aikido

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      Honors Thesis, 1994

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      Colorado College Anthropology Department, 1994

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    Honors Thesis

    The Colorado College Department of Anthropology, 1994

    THIS THESIS has two seemingly contradictory guiding forces. The first is the attempt to bring the Japanese martial art aikido to some sort of academic, anthropological understanding. The second is to express my own experiences and subsequent views on aikido in the most honest and accurate way possible …

    If anthropology has taught me anything, it has taught me that there is usually a very rational way to understand such cultural “contradictions.” There is no reason to consider the two sorts of understandings I seek— personal and academic— to be contradictory …

    read pages 1-7 [80 KB PDF file] … please contact me to read more: it’s 133 pages or about 45,000 words!